Our Work

1This is a 4 sided street clock measuring 3ft x 3ft x 3ft. The clock operates with a brushless 6-volt DC motor. This is just one of the types of big clocks we can build.

2Mechanism of a 4 sided clock that was built for an international customer. With this movement, all 4 sides of the clock will move simultaneously.


These gears are for a giant clock with a face diamater of 3 feet. All gears are made out of solid brass with a high precision MORAT gear cutting machine.


Each of these gears’ holes are being bored with a precise turret lathe. Shafts and pivots are also being made with the same machine.


This is a customer’s grandfather clock movement that has undergone a complete overhaul with new bushings. All parts have been ultrasonically cleaned and all pivots have been polished. In this picture the movement is being inserted into the clock’s case.